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We are conscious of the effect the printing industry can have on our planet. That’s why we strive to work in partnership with the environment.

Our new technologies have significantly reduced paper wastage – that which is unavoidable is completely recycled!


Further investment has also simplified the recovery of chemicals and conversion of solvent gases to environmentally friendly emissions.

With the correct drainage, soil and cultivation, trees can flourish, bringing many benefits to our earth. We therefore actively support forest management programs, which in turn improve nature’s balance.

This interest in the environment is nothing new. From the outset we have implemented stringent environmental policies and procedures. We have made environmental awareness a key part of our workforce training process and hope to encourage others to adopt a similar attitude.


Environmental Policy & Arrangements

The Scope of the system covers commercial and industrial printing operations and ancillary processes thereto. The Website (Leeds) Limited is committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution, protection of the environment, local communities and all its employees.

The Company will consider the environmental concerns during design, development, manufacture, packaging and supply of products or services.

The Company aims to give proper consideration to customers’ and legal/regulatory environmental requirements and expectations, and will exceed these standards wherever and when ever possible.

The Company has the environmental system that embraces the requirements of ISO14001.


To deliver continual improvement the Company will:

  • Regard the provision of legislation in respect of environment as the minimum standards acceptable, and will provide environmental facilities that exceed this standard whenever and wherever possible.
  • Set annual objectives and targets which will be regularly monitored for improving the environmental performance.
  • Regularly monitor and review the site program undertaken and will carry out risk assessments wherever there is the potential for adverse impact on the environment, community or employees.
  • Use fuel and energy efficiently and reduce consumption whenever possible.
  • Reduce the volume of waste generated by the promotion of minimisation, recycling and re-use.
  • Effectively communicate information on environmental matters, including this policy, to all employees and contractors as well as the public and other interested parties.

Responsibility for environmental matters rests with all employees. Every individual contributes towards the successful implementation of the Company’s policy and has the full support of the Board and Senior Management Team in doing so.


Health and Safety Plans

The Website printing company is committed to achieving OHSAS 18001-1990 standard. We value our staff and therefore we place their welfare as a high business priority. We wish for all our staff to be committed to a high standard of health & safety, we believe by obtaining OSHAS 18001-1990 this will enable the staff to contribute to their own welfare and that of their colleagues.

Maintaining safety awareness, positive attitudes and continuous improvement in safety performance, requires the commitment and active involvement of all senior members of the management team in spreading a health and safety culture across our workforce.


Our objectives are as follows:

  • Provide and maintain safe working environments that do not endanger health and welfare
  • Train employees to be aware of their own responsibilities in respect of health and safety
  • Safeguard staff and others from foreseeable hazards with regards to the safety of the environment and in-house working procedures
  • Without detracting from our own legal responsibilities we will ensure that any contractor or third party provider used by the website will be subjected to our own contractor management procedures, to ensure that they are suitably competent to carry out their work and we will monitor them for compliance
  • Use our staff meetings to ensure that the communication of the importance of health and safety is re-laid to our whole workforce
  • Undertake appropriate risk assessments and communicate the findings of these assessments to all members of staff concerned
  • Develop and implement procedures for monitoring compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and standards, to co-operate with authorities to ensure that documents are kept up to date